From our own gardens and foraging, you will find:

  • High quality fresh and dried medicinal herbs 
  • Plant extracts (also known as tinctures)
  • Herbal oils
  • Herbal medicinal vinegars
  • Herbal elixirs
  • Flower essences
  • Salves and balms
  • Herbal sacred ceremonial burn blends and wands 
  • Live elderberry trees and medicinal plants

 Us too.  When you step into our apothecary, you will feel the energy of the forest.

In addition to our hand-made medicines, we hand select the most special homewares, jewelry, soaps, incense ingredients, candles and more.

When we surround ourselves with beauty and special items, we are reminded to make every day sacred.  Shop for someone special and shop for YOU.

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Once you become a customer by attending a pop up, you are able to shop by appointment when you desire to re-stock!

How to shop with us

Do you love all things woodland, fairy, mushrooms and magic?

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Down a winding path into the woods, our little apothecary sits among the trees.  The gardens, wetlands and woodland supply us with the herbal medicine you will find here.  Organically grown and wild foraged, our herbals are hand-made in small batches.

We work for Mother Earth and it is our deep love of the land that we provide this medicine.  And so it is.

visit our apothecary in the woods