Hi, we're the Barron family.  In 2015 we took a leap.  We purchased 6 acres of land and our adventure began.  Our souls wanted more.  More connection to the land.  A place for our children to explore and connect and foster a respect and love for the Earth.  We wanted to understand what it really means to steward land and grow our own food.  And we're still learning! 

A short drive to Downtown and Broad Ripple Indianapolis, we started our journey as urban growers and stewards of land.  It originally began as a way to grow produce for our cafe (Ezra's Enlightened Cafe).  We provided veggies and herbs to our organic cafe and it was truly wonderful to foster that full circle experience.   In April of 2022 Ezra's Cafe's journey was done and we are now focusing full force on our small farm. 

From the beginning, we have held volunteer days each month, March through October.  These are some of our favorite days on the farm.  We have met and connected with so many people and watched friendships form.  Coming together to work on a common goal is in our bones as humans.  It brings us together and creates connection and compassion.  It brings us alive.  Our volunteer days continue to this day.  You can find more about those here.

During those first years of learning the land, I fell in love with growing medicinal herbs.  As an Herbalist, it has been a dream come true to have space to grow the medicines I use.  Now we are able to make these herbs available to the public.  We grow herbs for medicine makers.  Right now we have a small selection and I'm excited to expand it as we grow.

Along with supplying small batch herbs, we offer organically grown Elderberry Trees.  Our groves of Elderberry provide trees that make their way to yards and farms all over Indiana and beyond.  

Since we began working the land, we have used regenerative growing practices and permaculture principals.  Each year we learn something new.  No season is ever the same as the last.  We've never used pesticides or poisons to grow our food or care for the land.  It's so very important for us to leave this land better than we found it, including the water, the animals, insects and yes the trees and plants.

You can also join us here for Medicine Making Workshops, Day Retreats and Farm Tours.  We absolutely LOVE sharing our farm with groups who are interested in learning more about regenerative growing.  When we put our hands in the soil and grow our own food and medicine, we are taking back our power to sustain ourselves.  This connection enriches every aspect of our lives.  

Learn with Audrey from anywhere!

I also offer an online program for women who want to learn how to use wild and cultivated herbs to make medicines and nourishing meals, as well as how to grow you own food.
You can find out more at www.medicinewoman.love

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